Jennifer Creel


Jennifer Creel‘s personalized jewels are traced in her own history, growing up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, each piece anchored in her personal narrative: “The jewelry is like a memory. It’s very raw for me, exposing my true colors and how I was brought up. These pieces were very memorable moments in my life [and] are associated with a specific time, event or period. Each piece brings you back to that time, that emotion, and makes you nostalgic, sentimental. If you can create something tactile, if you can let your friends and children have a moment of your life, that’s a lovely thing. This jewelry is the story of who the person is.” The letter charm bracelet, for example recalls her coming out as a debutante, “It’s a very cultural thing. You were gifted a pendant with the date of the ball, when you were presented, similar to the letter charm on the charm bracelet.” Similarly, “My grandmother had the coolest Maltese cross on a big thick chain. I was like the twentieth grandchild, so I knew I had to make it for myself.” Combined with Creel’s knack for revitalizing classics through “unexpected detail” (a talent she parlayed into a 12-year stint as a womenswear designer at Ralph Lauren), her deeply personal approach to jewelry design makes for pieces which have roots in the past but are compelling style signifiers for today’s generation.